Ask anyone how to improve our schools, and you’ll be faced with a host of different suggestions — and even experts, backed by research, can disagree. At Seattle Pacific University, educators in training have a chance to go deep into research, learn best practices, and share knowledge with their peers.

To give you a taste of the classroom experience, we asked experts from the faculty of Seattle Pacific University’s School of Education to weigh in on a handful of hot topics in education that intersect with their areas of expertise. Read on for their thoughtful perspectives.

teacher illustration

Dan Bishop and Robin Henrikson: Why is there a teacher shortage, and how can we solve it?

core education illustration

Julie Antilla: What do I need to know about the Common Core?

print vs cursive illustration

Scott Beers: Should kids learn print or cursive?

detention illustration

Jill Heiney-Smith: What can we do about the school-to-prison pipeline?

bully illustration

Nicole Casillas: How can we stop bullying?

tech illustration

David Wicks: Should technology be used in schools?