Amanda Sue Brown

Senior Food Scientist at Cargill Inc.

Wichita, Kansas

Class of 2008, Communication in Food Science Engineering (student-designed major)

As a senior food scientist with Cargill Incorporated, Brown creates new products for food service and retail customers while combining her passion for food science with her appreciation for culinary arts.

How does your time at SPU connect to what you’re doing today?

In my current role, a firm foundation of science is imperative and my student-designed major in Communication in Food Science Engineering gave me a solid understanding of the composition and chemistry of foods.

In addition, the engineering part of my degree aids in commercializing new items and insuring they are operationally friendly in a plant setting, and the communications skills developed at SPU have prepared me to effectively communicate with others, both customers and co-workers. Overall, the SPU motto of “engaging the culture, changing the world” is one that continues to resonate in my life.

Which SPU faculty or staff member made a difference in your education?

When designing my own major, it was imperative to have faculty support. Dr. Melani Plett, Dr. Gaile Moe, and Dr. Lorelle Jabs all supported me. Their guidance, wisdom, encouragement, and confidence was inspiring and an affirmation of my decision to be part of the SPU community.

What advice would you give to current SPU students?

Use your resources, be open to adventure, and appreciate every element of life. Never be afraid to ask questions and embrace the learning process by building up a network around you.