Angela Tucker

Post-Adoption Program for Amara/The Adopted Life


Class of 2008, Psychology major

Tucker was recently hired to design a launch post-adoption programs for Amara, a foster care agency in Seattle, which she feels blessed and fortunate to have a role with. On the weekends, Tucker runs her LLC, The Adopted Life, which involves traveling throughout the nation delivering keynote speeches and teaching workshops on transracial adoption and race, as well as reunions with birth family. Tucker is also working on a mini-series featuring transracially adopted kids.

How does your time at SPU connect to what you’re doing today?

While at SPU, I studied psychology, which directly correlates with my ability to connect, understand, and speak on behalf of adoptees. There is a biological change that happens when children are removed from their home. My psychological background is foundational for my career.

Which SPU faculty or staff member made a difference in your education?

I felt a special connection with Mícheál Roe. Not only did I enjoy his courses, but I also appreciated hearing his personal experience caring for children in foster care, and then through adoption.

What advice would you give to current SPU students?

Find people who can help to remind you that life happens during the journey of reaching your destination. It’s all about the journey.