Gina Moorhead

Fashion Designer and Owner at Gina Marie


Class of 2007, Fashion Design major

As a fashion designer, Moorhead has the ability to travel around the world, exercise her creativity, and help and collaborate with colleagues while her projects and vision evolve.

How does your time at SPU connect to what you’re doing today?

SPU gave me the experience and exposure to corporate and independent designers in the fashion industry. Having this knowledge base has been instrumental to my understanding of a multifaceted culture and the growth of my business.

Which SPU faculty or staff member made a difference in your education?

Dr. Sharleen Kato and Dr. Jaeil Lee. Both head of the Family and Consumer Sciences and Fashion Design departments, respectively. I was always warmly welcomed in for office hours and beyond for an engaging conversation. They made me feel like a part of the family and an influential young force in the future of the fashion industry.

What advice would you give to current SPU students?

Be good to yourself and others. Endure, ride the wave, finish what you started, navigate uncharted territory, don’t be so quick to give up, surrender, stay true to your vision, and don’t grow up too fast. It all takes time.