Tara Kats

Senior Customer Reporting Analyst at Starbucks Coffee Company

Bellevue, Washington

Class of 2014, Mathematics major

With a background in mathematics, Kats is a senior customer reporting analyst for Starbucks Coffee Company.

How does your time at SPU connect to what you’re doing today?

Through my mathematics classes at SPU, I was taught how to learn and ask good questions. This skill has helped immensely in the work I do at Starbucks, as it is a fast-moving business and with that, the analytics and reporting needs to iterate quickly.

Which SPU faculty or staff member made a difference in your education?

Wai Lau constantly believed in me and encouraged me to push myself in my academics.

What advice would you give to current SPU students?

Be sure to stay in touch with your network and don’t be afraid to reach out to other SPU grads for coffee.