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Chelsea Herr is pictured in front of a mural by Cherokee, Creek, and Osage artist Yatika Starr Fields. The untitled mural is on the Plaza Walls in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and was created as a statement in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. "The plaza walls are an open, collective space where artists can come in every few weeks to paint new works over previous pieces," Herr says. Photo by Brett Deering.
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Chelsea Herr

When Chelsea Herr moved from California to attend Seattle Pacific University, more than the rain stood out about her new surroundings. She noticed the presence of Pacific Northwest Coast Native art all around the city, especially public pieces such as the totem poles near Alki Beach. It fascinated her that […]

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Paul Adolphsen

Unclear what a dramaturg is? Don’t worry, Paul Adolphsen is happy to break it down. “I like to describe ‘dramaturgy’ by turning to its etymology,” he says. The Greek roots of the word mean “drama” and “work.” “So dramaturgy can be considered the ‘work of the drama.’” This “work” might […]